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It seems like Lindsay Lohan has been everywhere lately. We just saw a photo of her for her appearance in Scary Movie 5, and then there were the headlines she made for another legal scuffle. And just the other day, we got a look at the poster for her upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, which will have Lohan playing the iconic Liz Taylor. A trailer for the film has arrived, which gives us thirty-second sampling of the drama that's set to unfold in the TV movie.

The recently released poster for the TV movie uses words like "scandal," "child star," "paparazzi," and "controversial" next to the image of Lohan as the glamorous Liz Taylor. Given that these words might be applicable to a description about Lohan's life and career, which has included its own fair share of scandal and controversy, her casting as Taylor in the project seems even more fitting, though their stories aren't the same.

The teaser below gives us a few snippets from the movie, which is set to air on Lifetime in November, and from what's been revealed, it looks like Lifetime is staying true to form in showcasing the drama and scandal in this story.

"They drink. They fight. They fornicate."

Liz & Dick will focus on Taylor's relationship with Richard Burton. The trailer makes it all look like a soap opera, but that's likely that will draw viewers in when the film airs this November.

There's also the draw of Lohan. Speaking of which, as mentioned earlier, she's set to appear in the Scary Movie 5. A recent still from the film has Lohan in bed with Charlie Sheen, though the image is far less steamy or exciting as some of the ones we saw in Lifetime's new Liz & Dick trailer. But I expect her participation in the horror-parody to be a bit funnier.

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