Locked Up Abroad Season 6 Preview: Actor Erik Aude Tells His Story Of Imprisonment In Pakistan

Returning to National Geographic for its sixth season, Locked Up Abroad, a series that tells the stories of people who have had the scary and unfortunate experience of being imprisoned while abroad. Check out some clips from Season 6 ahead!

Being sent to prison has to be a scary experience no matter where you are, but having it happen in another country, where the language and the legal system are less familiar is likely to be even scarier. The Season 6 premiere of National Geographic's Locked Up Abroad features actor Erik Aude (Dude Where's My Car), as he discusses his experience being arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan and what turned out to be a three-year ordeal for him.

The first video shows the reenactment of Aude's arrest after having been dissevered with opium hidden in his suitcase…

And in this one, Aude recounts the experience in which he was set to fight a bunch of men.

The scene plays out like something from an action movie. Whether that's the reality of the situation Aude was in, or the effects of the reenactment, you be the judge. Regardless, it's a scary situation.

See the full Season 6 premiere episode of Locked Up Abroad tonight (Wednesday, April 25) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on National Geographic.

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