Longmire Extended Season 2 Trailer Amps Up The Drama And Action

Longmire is gearing up for a Season 2 premiere on A&E. The hour-long drama will hit the schedule on Memorial Day, and the network has put together an extended preview that gives fans a sneak peek at the brand new season of the drama. The extended trailer is a special one, as it goes behind the scenes and talks to the cast, as well as some of the executive producers and writers on the show.

The first thing the extended trailer looks into is the action in Season 2. Longmire has always been the sort of show where the sheriff’s department characters keep their guns handy, but a bunch of slow motion shots in the trailer help to raise the stakes in the action-oriented drama. Additionally, emotions seem like they will be high during the season, as Walt and his daughter grow even more estranged and Walt and Branch continue to get into heated discussions.

The clip also looks into “old school Sheriff” Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and interviews the cast and crew on the man with the nice cowboy hat. Walt’s had his share of demons and misfortunes in the past, but he’s an honorable, stand-up sort of guy that makes for a great TV lead. It’s pretty fun to see what the rest of the cast has to say about the character and what Taylor himself thinks. Honestly, I’ve seen more entrancing trailers before, but if you like the series, there are a lot of fun tidbits in the extended trailer.

Longmire also stars Katee Sackhoff, Cassidy Freeman, and Lou Diamond Phillips. Season 2 premieres on Monday, May 27 at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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