In the best news we’ve heard all week, it looks like A&E’s former drama Longmire might find a second home, after all. Early reports indicated the series was being shopped to other networks, as well as streaming services. Thanks to an intensely loyal fanbase and a savvy marketing team, the biggest of those streaming services, Netflix, just might bite.

Here’s what we know. A&E canceled Longmire back in August, a weird move, considering its seemingly strong performance. At the time, Warner Horizons, who produces the show, already had plans to shop the drama to other networks, a sound move considering the show did well in the ratings for a summertime show airing on cable. In September, fans began “stampeding” on Twitter, bringing more attention to the show and keeping the dream of Longmire’s return alive. Then, in October, Longmire actor Lou Diamond Phillips said there was some good news headed our way.

That good news is, apparently, this Netflix deal. Negotiations between Longmire’s parent company and Netflix have been ongoing, and if the deal goes through, the show would go back into production in March, presumably for a summer premiere date. According to Deadline, negotiations between Longmire’s parent company and Netflix have been “tricky,” however. Which means that Longmire’s return is not imminent, although the show is in a better position than it was a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, all of the sticky details will come together and Longmire Season 4 will get greenlit.

It should be noted that negotiations are under a bit of a time crunch. The contracts for those involved with the show are up early next year, and if Netflix doesn’t end up signing on for the show, I’m not sure if any other service has been interested in picking up the drama. In fact, if Netflix doesn’t sign on, that might be the end of Longmire.

The good news is, the forecast ahead doesn’t look too gloomy. Netflix is a good fit for Longmire, especially since the network cares more about subscription dollars than the age of the average viewer. Netflix has also done well with picking up formerly canceled show in the past, including The Killing (and Arrested Development, to an extent). There’s a good chance we’ll get an official announcement over the next several weeks, but in the meantime, it’s still probably a good idea to “stampede” if you get the chance.

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