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When he isn't busy serving as producer on films like Prometheus and the upcoming Star Trek sequel, Damon Lindelof can occasionally be found entertaining his thousands of Twitter followers with his random 140-character blurbs. His last contribution to television came in the form of an ABC show called Lost. You may have heard of that one. Lindelof was an executive producer on the series, which wrapped up in 2010, leaving an island-sized hole that ABC has yet to adequately fill for sci-fi fans. Whether or not that ever happens remains to be seen. In the meantime, it looks like Lindelof has plans to return to television.

Deadline is reporting that Lindelof is in the process of finalizing a three-year deal with Warner Bros. TV with the aim to create his own show for the studio. As the site notes, Warrner Bros. is also the home of Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams, who recently managed to land a spot on primetime with Warner Bros. TV's Revolution, a promising looking post-apocalyptic drama he's executive producing with Eric Kripke, which will air on NBC next fall. With the mention that Lindelof is looking to create his own show, it might be too much to hope that he'll team up with Abrams and Kripke on Revolution at some point, but it's still strangely comforting in a geeky sort of way to know that Abrams and Lindelof will be at the same studio.

As for what Lindelof will do with his three-year WB TV deal, it doesn't sound like he's headed toward space, having explored that area of the universe with Prometheus and the Star Trek sequel. On the subject of that frontier, he said, "I think certainly film-wise, I’m spaced out, I think I’ve got the robot-spaceship future bug out of my system.” He also said he won't be coming up with the next Lost or anything involving "wackadoo mythology." Beyond that, we can really only speculate on what he has in mind, if anything specifically, and wait to hear news of something in development.

While Warner Bros. is likely planning to pay Lindelof for his writing contributions, whatever his next project may be, those looking to get some free words from the writer can follow him on Twitter, where amusing gems like this one are occasionally tweeted to the masses…

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