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Daniel Roebuck isn’t the only former Lost cast member set to make an appearance on NBC’s Grimm. Titus Welliver a.k.(to Lost fans)a. the Man in Black, will also be playing a role in the series, though from the sound of it, gold may be his color of choice. In case you have Once Upon A Time on the brain, that isn’t a Midas reference.

TVLine got the exclusive on the news that Welliver, who also had a recurring role on Sons of Anarchy and is set to appear in CSI soon, will be playing Farley Holt in NBC’s supernatural procedural Grimm. Mr. Holt is described as a creature with the ability to morph into a steinadler, which according to google, is a golden eagle. Whether or not he’s a bad guy remains to be seen. We know from the reformed big-bad-wolf Monroe that not all of the creatures frequently hunted by Nick and the other Grimms are living an evil lifestyle.

Gold doesn’t just refer to the bird, either. TVLine says Welliver’s character will explain to Nick “the history behind a cache of gold coins that seem to exert an uncanny hold over whoever takes possession of them.” (The precious!)

Fellow Lost cast member Daniel Roebuck is also set to appear in Grimm, playing an arson detective who’s looking into a bunch of fires that may be linked to Monroe. Not good!