Louis C.K., Anna Kendrick And Seth Rogen Lined Up To Host Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live's in one of those weird lulls where new episodes seem sort of sporadic, but the sketch comedy series has lined up hosts for its next cluster of episodes, the first of which airs at the end of March. NBC has confirmed that comedian Louis C.K. will return to host on March 29. The Peacock also announced that Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen are on board to host episodes in the weeks that follow.

Here's the schedule for the next few episodes of Saturday Night Live:

March 29 - Louis C.K. hosting, Sam Smith is musical guest.

April 5 - Anna Kendrick hosting, Pharrel is musical guest.

April 12 - Seth Rogen hosting, Ed Sheeran is musical guest

This is Louis C.K.'s second turn as host on SNL. Things got pretty hot and heavy the last time he hosted (November 3, 2012)...

Hopefully we get some great stand-up from the comedian when he does his opening monologue.

This will be Anna Kendrick's first time hosting Saturday Night Live, and something tells me she's going to be a great fit for this series. Not only is she funny, but she's incredibly talented. Usually, I'd say that Saturday Night Live tends to overuse the musical opening monologue, but it would almost be a waste to bring Kendrick out onto the stage and not have her sing. She demonstrated both her singing and comedic skills when she starred in Pitch Perfect:

Kendrick has a number of films coming up, including Happy Christmas and the feature adaptation of Into the Woods. And then, of course, there's the Pitch Perfect sequel, but that's not coming along until next year.

Finally, there's Seth Rogen, who's hosted Saturday Night Live twice. The first time was in 2007, a few months after Knocked Up and Superbad hit theaters.

The second time was in 2009, the year of Monsters vs. Aliens and Funny People. Coming off of the success of last year's This is the End, Rogen has Neighbors heading into theaters in May and The Interview set to release in October.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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