Louis C.K. And Jerry Seinfeld Battle The Hudson In Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Ever wonder what would happen if Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld took a spin around Manhattan in the world’s tiniest and most ineffective car? Well look no further because the Fiat 600 is here to cart the two comedy giants to their high seas adventure in the third season premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld’s web series. And thanks to the power that is the Internet, you can watch it all right here, right now.

Having already seen the trailer, it was a surprise to see a car that’s a bit less, well, showy than the rest of his selections. “If we got hit by an SUV we’d be smears,” C.K. observed, joking about the tiny Fiat’s categorization as road-ready. “Red smears with teeth in it.” But the car was only one part of the duos journey, which also saw them set sail upon the high seas…or the Hudson River of New York in order to make a bunch of Jaws references, jib and gab about C.K.’s children and pot smoking, and talk about Larry David’s humility.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbits reveal C.K.’s plans for his critically acclaimed series, FX’s Louie. Admitting he’ll stop the series after season “six or seven,” C.K. also claimed that about 10 episodes have been written — and he’s brought new comedic voices on board to help out.

“10 of ‘em I’ve finished writing,” explained C.K. “and I took on a couple of new people to try.” But don’t run too quickly to get your resumes spruced up just yet, aspiring comedy writers. The job’s not what you think it might be. “They sit on my couch while I write. It’s somebody to talk to; this time I used Steven Wright.”

Wright, a famed comedian out of Boston popular in the 1980s, was known for his monotonous deadpan and was a hero of C.K.’s. “When I grew up in Boston, he was everybody’s hero,” the comic explained.

The trip managed to set sail up the Hudson River with minimal error (thank goodness for all those Jaws jokes), but it wasn't all jokes, as C.K. had a bit of financial advice for people in the market for a boat. Namely, don’t buy one. “I can’t afford this boat, I shouldn't have gotten it. You shouldn't buy a yacht unless you can afford like, 10 yachts. There’s a formula,” he explained.

And if you're ever in New York and you see C.K. at the movies, you might want to think twice about introducing yourself — because you might just bug him out (he'll be stoned). “I go to the 3D IMAX movies stoned,” C.K. explained. “If my kids have been with me for a stretch …. and I have a day between them and some work to do or something, [I] smoke some pot and see a 3D movie.”

Other highlights from the interview include C.K.’s observation that “we're just worms carrying our worm-meals,” and Seinfeld’s admission that his first words were “leave me alone.” Check out the rest of the interview in the video above.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee airs weekly on Crackle or at www.comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com.