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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Season 3 Trailer Teases Howard Stern, Louis C.K. And Tina Fey

What better day to celebrate the approaching return of Jerry Seinfeld’s comedian-focused Crackle series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee than on this December 23, the day die-hard Seinfeld fans will recognize as Festivus… for the rest of us! The new trailer has been making the rounds may not include any feats of strength, or airings of grievances, but it does give us a look at the celebrities and comedy in store for the new season.

As the title suggests, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features Jerry Seinfeld as he takes a ride in a vintage car and picks up a guest comedian to take them out for coffee. The series is much more about the journey than it is the destination, as the best moments come from the banter Seinfeld exchanges with his guest. The series’ second season included appearances by Chris Rock, Seth Meyers, Don Rickles, Sarah Silverman and David Letterman. As the trailer for Season 3 (via Buzzfeed) teases, the upcoming season’s guests will include Tina Fey (who doesn’t drive), Howard Stern (who wants to know if Jerry can pee in front of other men, Patton Oswalt gets to and Louis C.K. (who thinks we might just be worms carrying around our worm meal).

You never know what kind of insights any given episode of this series will reveal, but that’s all part of the fun, as are the variety of cars, of course. As the trailer indicates, Season 3 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will debut Thursday, January 2 at 12:00 p.m. ET at the show’s website.

For those who haven’t seen the series, here’s the full series premiere episode, which has Seinfeld taking Seinfeld mastermind Larry David out for pancakes…

And here’s a clip from last season, which shows Sarah Silverman chattering about an Easter tradition from her childhood...

With that, have a happy and safe Festivus!