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Between his FX comedy and his stand-up, Louis C.K. has given fans plenty to laugh about in recent years. If the stand-up comedian's upcoming comedy special Oh My God is as funny as the promo that debuted today, we're in for a real treat when it airs on HBO next month.

Following up on his first HBO special, Shameless, Louis C.K.'s new special Oh My God will debut April 13 on HBO. In the promo below, Louis explains how this promo is going to work.

"Louis C.K. HBO Oh My God."


The comedian finding the humor in his own promo and then downplaying the inevitable greatness of the anticipated special is just one more reason to love him, and to be excited for whatever it is he has in store for us when it airs.

Oh My God was recorded at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. According to Splitsider, Louis C.K. plans to release the special on his website for $5, a month after it airs, so those of you who don't subscribe to HBO won't be completely out of luck. That plan is a bit of a reversal from his last special Live a the Beacon Theater, which was released online first and then later aired on FX.