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Luke Perry hasn’t exactly disappeared off the face of the earth since Beverly Hills, 90210 wrapped up its final season. He appeared in numerous episodes of HBO’s Oz and returned to the network for John From Cincinnati last year. Would he be willing to make an appearance on The CW’s 90210? It doesn’t look likely.

Perry talked to TV Guide about 90210 while being interviewed about his upcoming small screen project, A Gunfighter’s Plea (set to premiere on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, July 5th at 9:00 p.m.). Perry expressed little interest in the idea of returning to 90210, saying “I don’t mean anything bad about it, it’s just that creatively, it’s something I’ve done before and I don’t know how I’d benefit from going back and doing it again.” Perry’s played some pretty serious roles over the last decade, so his disinterest in returning to the role of the tormented Dylan McKay isn’t all that surprising.

The interviewer mentioned that the late Aaron Spelling once talked about bringing the show back. Apparently, Perry doesn’t think as highly of The CW as he does of Spelling, saying “Yeah but the difference between Aaron Spelling bringing something back and The CW bringing something back is pretty significant.” Then there’s what looks like a jump in the video as though part of what he said was edited out but he goes on to say, “It wouldn’t have worked the first time without Aaron and… I couldn’t do it without Aaron.”
So as I said, it doesn’t look likely that we’ll be seeing Dylan return to 90210 anytime soon. While I’m eager to see the series return, I can’t say I blame Perry. The CW isn’t exactly known for putting the quality of their programming over quantity in their ratings (yes, I’m still bitter over the cancellation of Veronica Mars.)

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