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Twilight! Hunger Games! (Hold for applause). MTV aired the 2012 MTV Movie Awards tonight, celebrating the films beloved by their audience, which included the two previously mentioned movies. Host Russell Brand made good use of those titles during his opening monologue, shouting them out more than once in an effort to get the crowd screaming. His monologue is among the videos you can watch ahead, as well as the funny celebrity reel put together in honor of the first annual Trailblazer winner, Emma Stone. Also among the highlights of the night, Elizabeth Banks got to rub up against the cast of Magic Mike while accepting her award for best On Screen Transformation.

Kicking off the night, Russell Brand's opening monologue included a few jokes at/with Charlie Sheen (who was in the audience) and Michael Fassbender (also in the audience). He dabbled only slightly in political humor, then poked fun at himself for doing so, a likely reference to the last time he hosted the MTV Movie Awards.

Either he was less controversial than I remember him being the first time he hosted, or maybe we're just used to him, but he seemed a bit tamer tonight, no? As a fan of Brand, I thought it was funny nonetheless.

Also among the funny moments of the night, Elizabeth Banks made good use of her stage-time with the cast of Magic Mike when she took the stage to accept her award for Best On Screen Transformation, thoroughly rubbing up against Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello and Channing Tatum.

And in a combination of sweet and funny, various actors paid tribute to Emma Stone, who won the first ever Trailblazer award. Among those included in the video, her House Bunny co-star Anna Faris, The Help's Octavia Spencer, and Jim Carrey…

If you recall, Jim Carrey really likes Emma Stone. While it seems Faris prefers the Sharon variety of Stone. That bit was especially amusing. Emma took the stage afterward to accept her award and delivered a tearful, truly heartfelt speech during which she discussed the people she thought of as trailblazers. Hopefully MTV will get that clip online at some point so we can share it, as it was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

Johnny Depp won the Generation award, but before he accepted it, he rocked out with The Black Keys to "Gold on the Ceiling."

Among the other award winners were Josh Hutcherson, who very enthusiastically accepted his award for Best Male Performance…

Finally, Kristen Stewart flew solo when she accepted her award for Best Kiss, which she won with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson…

Had any one of her other co-stars from Snow White or Twilight taken the stage to give her a smooch, it likely would have made for a great moment. It's surprising MTV didn't have anything prepared for the situation, considering Best Kiss is usually one of the bigger moments of the ceremony.

And then of course, there was the Dark Knight Rises footage shown during the ceremony. You can read about (and watch) that here, and catch the full list of winners here!

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