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Margo Martindale Will Return To The Americans In Season 2

The Americans will be returning to FX in 2014 and will feature many plenty of returning cast members (at least those that are still alive). However, between this TV season and last TV season, Margo Martindale, the actress who plays KGB handler Claudia on the drama, landed a starring role in CBS’ brand new comedy, The Millers. Since The Millers has already hit CBS' schedule, it seemed possible the actress might not turn up in the new season of The Americans. This week, however, it was confirmed that Martindale will pull double duty with her new comedy and the drama.

This week, TV Line first caught wind of the big news from The Americans co-creator and executive producer Joel Fields. Fields told the outlet that the actress is expected to show up for at least one episode, which means we’ll either see her for a guest stint or possibly even a larger role.

During Season 1, Claudia showed up in numerous episodes playing Phillip and Elizabeth’s no-nonsense handler, who both handed out missions as well as intel when the need arose. One of the most engrossing relationships in the first season was between Elizabeth and Claudia. Elizabeth’s hatred and distrust for the woman was palpable, but their verbal wit (and a major slap) kept many of us coming back for more. In short, the second season would certainly be missing something without Margo Martindale’s character, and fans should be very excited the actress will be returning for another season of the drama. There's always a chance that she is only returning so that the writers can put together her exit, but at least we'll get to see the character again.

Although Martindale will be returning for Season 2, there will be some changes in the plotline. Instead of focusing on the portrait of a marriage, Season 2 will spend more time with Phil and Elizabeth’s children, Paige and Henry. Additionally, more Russian characters will be introduced in Season 2, which means more subtitles. You can read more from the cast and crew’s Paleyfest interview over at Indiewire.

There isn’t a ton that we’ve learned about The Americans’ second season, but then again, the show won’t hit the schedule for several months. We’ll bring you promos and casting news as soon as FX gets its act together.

In the meantime, you can catch Martindale on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Here’s a preview for tonight’s episode of The Millers, below.

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