Marisa Tomei Is Headed To HBO, Get The Details

HBO is not as deeply embedded in the miniseries game as the subscription cable network is with original series and documentaries. However, the channel has earned acclaim with many of its original miniseries, including Olive Kitteridge, Mildred Pierce, John Adams and more. Now the company is developing another miniseries, this time from the likes of George Clooney, Kathy Najimy and Marisa Tomei; the latter two will also star in the new project, called Ms.

The premise for the new series is fairly historical. Should it move forward to series, Marisei Tomei is signed on to play writer and activist Gloria Steinem. In addition, Najimy will play Women’s Movement activist Bella Abzug. You probably know her best from Hocus Pocus.


If you are already familiar with the two names who were prominent during the 1970s feminist movement, you might have an idea of what story Ms. will follow. The miniseries will take place during the creation of Ms. Magazine back in 1971. Steinem and Abzug founded and ran the magazine, and the miniseries will look at all of the issues the magazine faced and all of the lives of the people involved early on. It’s always a little weird when historical projects are put together about people who are still alive, and Deadline reports that Steinem will consult should Ms. move forward.

Honestly though, Ms. is in good hands. HBO has a great track record with miniseries and movies based on historical moments and people, and the names involved are no slouches, either. George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Bruce Cohen are set to executive produce. As noted prior, Najimy and Tomei will star, but they will also executive produce, as well.

If it moves forward, Ms. will be the rare foray into television for Marisa Tomei, who typically takes film roles. The actress has popped up in TV movies before, including The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud. She also had a stint on the TV series Rescue Me nearly a decade ago. Najimy, on the other hand, has had more TV experience, and has even popped up on the HBO series Veep, which is another underrated HBO gem.

Here's to hoping this project is able to tap into all its potential.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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