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It's been over 15 years, but Martin Lawrence may be coming back to television. The comedian hasn't exactly been tearing up the big screens lately with his last project being the third installment in his Big Mommas franchise. The only film Lawrence supposedly has on tap is the rumored Bad Boys III, but with Michael Bay busy with his Pain and Gain project as well as a possible Transformers reboot and Will Smith focussed on making his children the biggest movie stars on the planet, that trilogy will probably not be completed anytime soon. So, what's a former movie star to do? Return to television.

EW reports that Martin Lawrence could possibly star in an upcoming police comedy at CBS. The network has given Lawrence's project a pilot order with Just Shoot Me and, oh great, $*#! My Dad Says writers Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger penning the script and executively producing. The comedy will follow Lawrence's recently widowed father who, after also losing his construction job, decides to become a police officer in order to support his two teenagers. I know there is nothing funnier than dead wives, lost jobs and Police Academy. I do like Police Academy.

The EW article goes on to make a pretty interesting point, suggesting that CBS was attracted to the comedic cop project because of their success with one-hour police dramas. And I like that idea, that the network that's built on overly serious police procedurals like CSI would be interested in spoofing the concept. I like to call those self-serious serials 'Bruckheimers' and, given their history, the Bad Boys producer is probably another reason that Lawrence is being corralled by CBS. What do you think, are you excited that Martin Lawrence might be back on TV? Did you Watch Martin?

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