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Netflix has been beefing up its original programming a lot over the last couple of years. Most of its originals honestly have tended to earn a second or even third or fourth season, but sometimes the subscription streaming service takes its sweet time announcing that a show will indeed be returning. Comedy Master of None hit the schedule back in November, but it took until this week for Netflix to announced that the comedy has been renewed for Season 2.

Series lead Aziz Ansari broke the news on Thursday with a tweet. Obviously, 140 characters doesn’t give us a lot to go off of, but it does at least explain when fans will get to see Season 2.

The Aziz Ansari-led comedy was really fun but also pretty intensely life focused, managing to be charming but also thoughtful. When last we saw lead Dev, he was unsure of what to do about his relationship with Rachel and ended up breaking things off with her. She left for Tokyo and he decided to attend culinary school, which is a total 180 from the acting gigs Dev was taking during Season 1. I have no idea if this means Dev will be hanging out in Italy with a brand new cast in Season 2, but I’m guessing the episodes will be more likely to jump ahead and show Dev back in New York. Just a guess, but it’s probably a sound one, budget-wise.

Master of None isn’t the only series to get a renewal order recently. About a month ago, Netflix signed on for a second season of its Marvel series Jessica Jones (Daredevil has also been renewed). Then, just a few days ago, Netflix signed a whopping three-season renewal order for its longer-running dramedy Orange is the New Black. Throw in a few more renewals for programs as varied as Longmire, Grace & Frankie and House of Cards, plus a few upcoming programs like The Gilmore Girls and Fuller House, and it’s clear that Netflix has a ton of stuff coming up (or coming up again in the coming year).

Master of None won’t be back until 2017, so it’s likely we won’t know much about Season 2 until closer to the actual date, but we’ll keep you posted if any snippets come our way. In the meantime, you can check out what Netflix has coming up with our premiere schedule.