Gilmore Girls Is Coming Back, Get The Details

The law of conversation of mass-watched television – which probably isn’t a real science thing – states that no TV matter can truly be destroyed, which is probably why all of these recent revivals and remakes have been popping up so often. What’s the latest series that will probably return to audiences for another round? Gilmore Girls! From Netflix! Get your “Jess vs. Dean vs. Logan” sweatshirts out.

Now, there is something of a catch for those of us out there that can’t wait to get modern-day banter from Lorelai and Rory. It looks like rather than a full Season 8 of 10-13 episodes, Netflix’s ongoing negotiations are to spin this revival in the form of 4 90-minute installments. I guess they could be called movies, although I doubt each of them would stand on their own without connecting to the rest. That said, those four equal out to about 8-and-a-half normal-length episodes, so it’s not too far off.

According to THR, Netflix has already been in contact with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to craft these four episodes, and yes, both Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are expected to return as the titular females. They’re the only stars mentioned, but it’s likely that a large chunk of the original cast would be back for the revival as well, including Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore, Scott Patterson as Luke Danes, Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason and Keiko Agena as Lane Kim. Edward Hermann passed away late last year, so he obviously wouldn’t be back as Richard Gilmore, and it’s unlikely that the ever-popular Melissa McCarthy will be back as Sookie St. James, although maybe they can find a way to sneak her in there.

The Gilmore Girls debuted in 2000 and ran for 7 largely acclaimed seasons, but Sherman-Palladino ended up leaving the show after Season 6 due to contractual disputes with the newly formed CW. The creator has lamented not being able to bring things to a close for Lorelai and Rory, and we last saw them for the going away party that the entirety of Stars Hollow put on for Rory before she left to be a political reporter. What’s happening with her now? Are Luke and Lorelai still being difficult and unmarried? Answer these questions!

Talk of a Gilmore Girls reunion has been happening pretty much since the series ended, and there were murmurings of turning it into a feature film, Veronica Mars-style. Earlier this year, Shermal-Palladino broke hearts by saying that there still wasn’t anything to report on the matter beyond preliminary talks, but I think we can all agree that Netflix’s plan more than makes up for it.

Netflix, which already put together Season 4 of Longmire last month and has Fuller House coming next year, is planning on putting new Gilmore Girls into production early in 2016. There are so many indie bands for Rory to be into now!

Nick Venable
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