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If Matt LeBlanc was one of your favorite Friends, you’re in luck. The actor has just signed on to a new comedy, I’m Not Your Friend, for CBS.

The exclusive report, which came to us from Deadline, says that the writers, Jeff and Jackie Filgo of That ‘70s Show, brought the show to the network and that it quickly got the attention of CBS bigwigs and Matt LeBlanc. The show has gotten an official pilot order from CBS.

I’m Not Your Friend revolves around a contractor who has more difficulties than he imagined as he tries to take a more active role in raising his children after his wife goes back to work. Playing a dad on a regular basis would be a new move for Le Blanc, who’s most well-known for playing an immature playboy.

Matt LeBlanc, of course, won over many hearts for his portrayal of lovable, womanizing doof Joey Tribbiani on Friends from 1994 to 2004. His character was a mostly out of work actor who had us rooting for his success, even when he took a part as Al Pacino’s butt double, found short-term fame as Dr. Drake Ramoray and spendt most of his money on a giant ceramic dog, or starred in the terrible cop show Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.

The actor famously took Joey to a spin off, aptly named Joey, where he takes the character to Los Angeles to polish and, hopefully, revitalize his acting career. The show was not liked by critics, and audiences weren’t enthusiastic about it. either. Instead of being another Frasier the show only lasted for two seasons. Matt LeBlanc then took a four year break from acting, reappearing on the Showtime series Episodes.

The actor has been heavily pursued by the networks as he goes into what is believed to be his final season on Episodes. That show will be going into its fifth season this April, and the decision of whether to end the show is in the hands of the creators, David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, who also write all of the episodes. The show focuses on two writers from England who are convinced to adapt their popular British show for American television. They happily jump at the offer, but soon realize that they won’t be able to run the show with the same authority that they did at home.

Matt LeBlanc plays a fictionalized version of himself on Episodes, who stars in the American version of the show the writers bring to the U.S. The Matt of the show is a crass, whorish, self-centered man, whose self-imposed misadventures with fame, a crappy TV show and life in general make for hilarious entertainment. LeBlanc has been nominated for four Emmys for his role and two Golden Globes, winning one of the latter award in 2012.

Well, it sounds like CBS and Matt LeBlanc certainly have high hopes for I’m Not Your Friend. And, if all goes right, we can expect to see him back on network TV before too long.