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Bad news for Jane Adams' Tanya on Hung. The HBO series has just signed Merrin Dungey (Alias, King of Queens) as Liz, a potential new love interest for Ray, as reported by She'll start off as one of his clients, and then things will get a little more intense, kind of like what happened with Natalie Zea in the first season.

Poor Ray, he's just not getting this whole male prostitute thing down. Isn't it supposed to be easier for guys to screw women without getting emotionally involved? Liz is a highly successful woman in the corporate world, so maybe that means she's aggressive and take-charge ... Like Jemma (Zea). At least I'm sure it won't end badly for old Ray. He can take this fancy corporate big-wig back to his lakeside tent and show her a good time on his air mattress. Powerful women love men who live outside.

The second season of Hung premieres on HBO Sunday, June 27, 2010.

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