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It wasn't that long ago that we were all celebrating A Very GaGa Thanksgiving but, once that holiday's turkey is cleared away it's immediately time for, uh, more turkey? And presents and trees and the whole deal. Yes, December begins tomorrow so everyone should start their Christmas annoyance prep by bracing themselves for the inevitable onslaught of specials, albums and good cheer - bah humbug. However, one new special that you may want to catch this holiday season is A Michael Bublé Christmas on NBC.

The Bublé will, of course, still be releasing his obligatory Christmas album (called Christmas... some SEO specialist must have named that one) but this year he's stepping up his cheer and bringing it, and some big name guests to NBC. A Michael Bublé Christmas will air in the first week of December and feature some pretty big name guest stars like Justin Bieber (think he's excited?), Thalia and Kellie Pickler as well as comedy genius (with a not too shabby singing voice) Ed Helms. Take a look at the trailer for the special, courtesy of his YouTube channel MichaelBubléTV.

Bublé and guest star Helms are also prepping some 'digital short' style videos both to promote the special as as part of the show. You can take a look at the first of many (thanks to EW) of the comedy videos below, which a also probably a great preview of the crooner's upcoming Saturday Night Live on December 17 where he'll be the musical guest for host Jimmy Fallon. After seeing what Bublé and Jon Hamm got up to last time he was on SNL, I'm sure the writers have something in store for him and the musically gifted Fallon. Enjoy the first short with Ed Helms.

A Michael Bublé Christmas airs Tuesday, December 6 on NBC. He's also on Saturday Night Live on December 17 at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.