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Just a couple of days ago, CBS announced its lineup for next season, adding a few new programs and bringing back plenty of returning favorites. Among the pilot pick-ups was a new comedy called The Millers, which featured Michael Rapaport and Mary Elizabeth Ellis in supporting roles opposite Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, and Margo Martindale. On Wednesday, CBS announced the show would move forward without Rapaport and Ellis.

The series follows a recently divorced man named Nathan (Arnett) who breaks the news to his parents about his divorce, only to find the news gives his father (Bridges) the courage to leave his mother (Martindale). In the pilot, Ellis and Rapaport were signed on to play Nathan’s sister and her husband, but according to Deadline, before The Millers begins airing, both of the roles will be recast.

Currently, there is no news on why both actors will be leaving the novel comedy. Possibilities include that neither character was well-liked in the pilot or even that the two actors didn’t jive onscreen as a married couple. Whatever the actual reason, recasting often happens as part of the process of moving a television program to series. Less than a week ago, NBC also dealt with a major recasting for its new series, The Family Guide. In that instance, series lead Parker Posey opted to exit the series, after having a hard time during the shooting process for the pilot. The Millers' recastings are not bound to be the last ones we hear about as the new TV season continues to move forward, but with the talent involved in Greg Garcia’s newest series, I’m betting The Millers will be able to pull in some recognizable names for the roles.

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