Michelle Trachtenberg Will Guest Star On Criminal Minds In Season 8

The CW's veteran series, Gossip Girl, is wrapping up next month, leaving some of its characters without solid TV gigs lined up. One of these is Michelle Trachtenberg, who played the recurring character Georgina Sparks on the hit CW show. Luckily, in the (hopefully short) interim, Trachtenberg has booked a guest role on CBS’ hit procedural, Criminal Minds.

Trachtenberg will be joining Criminal Minds for an episode in early 2013, and her character might actually be more of a psychopath than the one she portrays on Gossip Girl. EW is reporting that on the CBS drama Trachtenberg will play a stalker who starts using her creepy abilities to wreak havoc after she doesn’t get a job she wants.

Even better, the episode will feature Reid’s mystery woman, who has been popping up to help the team of profilers—mostly without their knowledge. I’m not certain if she’ll simply show up in roughly the same phone-driven capacity as she has the rest of this season, or if Reid will find a way to help her situation, but nonetheless, I’m intrigued. The guest stint and the big mystery woman episode will be the twelfth of the season.

Trachtenberg actually signed on for a CBS pilot from Peter Knight a while back. While that never earned a series order—I think the rumors at the time mentioned the now-defunct Rob was picked up in its place—Trachtenberg does have a foot in the door with the eye network. I always liked the actress on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and hopefully, she will get the chance to take on more than a guest starring role in the future.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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