Fox is promising new beginnings for The Mindy Project in the new promo for the comedy series. Mindy Kaling's comedy series returns for the second half of its first season early next year, and judging by the new video we have to show you, she's up for trying new things and maybe a new romance in the new year.

The League's Mark Duplass will be back on The Mindy Project when the series returns Tuesday, January 8. Judging by the promo below, he's up for something romantic with Mindy as the two share a moment in the elevator.

What is it about doctors and elevators? I like to think Mindy has fantasy-cast herself in Grey's Anatomy, which would explain the numerous romantic elevator moments she's experienced. Of course, this one was a bit more awkward than it might have been if he'd actually kissed her back.

Also on the menu for The Mindy Project in the new year is a dance class and Mindy being made to feel self conscious about her upper lip. It's little moments like the one where she touches her finger to her mouth that make this show work. Kaling's quiet but clearly insecure reaction to Jeremy's "advice" is great.

The Mindy Project returns Tuesday, January 8 to Fox.

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