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Modern Family Season 3 Finale Watch: Baby On Board

It only took the whole season, but Modern Family closed things out this year with easily the best episode of the season.

The episode had everything, a number of great one-liners, a little bit of weirdness, a lot of genuine heart, and not one weakness in the bunch. It is a shame it took a whole season to show how great the show could be and it is borderline frustrating that the show can be this good yet so bad week after week at times. Modern Family threw out some real stinkers this year and sunk to levels the show had never dared go to in seasons past. The season as a whole I would easily deem a creative failure as the quality sunk far below an already shaky second season, but it’s amazing this single episode can make up so much ground they lost this year. The episode re-instilled my hope in the show enough that I will be tuning in again next year, but it will still be on a short leash with me I think.

So how about this episode? Cam and Mitchell get news of a new baby for them that they have to pick up today and they race, with translator Gloria, down to pick it up. I applaud the show for sneakily weaving in hints about the telenovela Jay, Gloria, and Cam have been watching and then turn the storyline into a full blown telenovela of its own. The gag was silly, out of left field, and a welcome bit of weirdness for the show that I have always said they should embrace more often. The characters were true, the material was funny, and they topped it off with a genuinely dramatic and touching moment between Cam and Mitchell deciding to put the new baby search on hold and the show has rarely balanced drama and comedy so well.

Over at the Dunphy house there was just as much humor and daring to be found in their story of Haley deciding to break the news she is moving in with Dylan. Before we got to all of that we sent Alex off to prom and we got a string of one liners to enjoy as the show allowed Alex to be pretty for a change; which I applaud for not sticking so strongly to the stereotype the character is usually stuck with. They did play to gay stereotypes for a moment with Alex’s date, but I think they nailed the joke and did it with no malice so I can’t complain all that much. The stuff with Haley and her parents over moving in with Dylan was brave for their forwardness with discussing sex so openly with an eighteen year old and while it wasn’t the first time they have done so it was both funny and affective this time out. Intrigued to see what they do with Haley since she got into college after all.

Lastly were Jay, Manny, and Lily who get lumped into a fun little trio and it was fun to see Manny and Jay try to throw the parenting role on one another. The banter between father and step-father was great, Lily was adoringly annoying, and getting to see Jay dance was a highlight of the episode. They went three for three in plotlines for possibly the first time this season, I think.

From top to bottom, Modern Family was great this week and one hopes they can carry this flame into the new season. As a finale the show couldn’t have done much better as they found the perfect balance of characters, heart, and the show’s best comedy of the season. The cliffhanger of Gloria being pregnant could deliver some interesting drama with Cam and Mitchell next season and along with Haley being at school the show has some interesting places it could to start things off next year. Anyway, a great episode of Modern Family and comedy television tonight and I hope the show can continue on this hot streak when it comes back next season.


-“Can’t even talk about it.”

-“Just assume everything I say is the truth.”

-“How’s that giant fence working out for you?” Line of the season.

-“I kept it in as long as I could.”

-Best cold open of the season.

-“I don’t like how far down the zipper goes, but at least its water resistant.”

-“I feel better now.”

-I like how they aren’t afraid to let Haley “fail” by a lot of peoples’ standards.

“And some backstage color.”

-“Don’t say a word about last night’s episode.”

-“What just happened here?”

-“Have a little party in the shoulders.”

-“What’s happening?” “I don’t know?”

-Please move these two in together.

-Lily, Manny, and Jay could be a fun combo.

-“Your hair is weird.”

-Letting Alex not wear the “ugly” look is good, she is a very attractive girl.


-“This time with flash.” Cheap, but worked.

-“That bed's a double pigger.”

-“Just drive straighter.” “Sorry are my pinkies up?”

-Sound like Phil doesn’t fall that far from the tree.

-“The cool kids were totally laughing with us.”

-“Are you doing sex?”

-“They’re going to be huge, also medium and small.”

-“You brought me here.”

-Love this telenovela bit.

-“You get the kid, I’ll get the car.”

-“You know she stinks right?”

-“How about I give you fifty bucks?”

-Great sweet little scene there with Jay and Lily.

-“Unsold huge t-shirts.”

-Love they aren’t afraid to play the pregnancy card.

-Dylan is the only person Luke can always feel brighter around.

-“I think your father got a little off track here.”

-“Really?” Oh, Phil.

-“Perfect, so am I.”

-Now some genuine drama with Cam and Mitchell. Another very nice moment, “I’m lying next to my rock.”

-Yes, Jay danced!

-Oh man, pregnancy cliffhanger!

-“Let’s hold all questions till the end.”

-“Good call.”