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Are you excited about NBC's upcoming Grimm, which puts a modern crime spin on the Grimm Brothers' classic fairy tales? Are you so excited that you can't bear to wait two weeks until the show's October 28th premiere date? If so, you could get an early look at the show's pilot, and all you have to do is click over and follow Grimm on Twitter.

As originally revealed through the show's Twitter feed and via the Associated Press, Grimm is giving loyal Twitter followers an early look-see at the show's pilot. To get the chance, click over and follow the show's Twitter. You should then be able to receive a direct message with information on how to access the early preview of the pilot episode. The offer went live yesterday, but there is no stated deadline, so you should be able to sign up.

Grimm is a fantasy/mystery crime series that follows a homicide detective who learns that he's a descendant of a line of "Grimms," whose duty is to defend humanity from things that go bump in the night. As he learns more about his destiny, Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) also investigates crimes that mirror or involve famous storybook characters who seem to be a bit less fictional than he was lead to believe. The show was created by former Whedonverse alum David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. If it sounds vaguely like the long-running comic series Fables, well...yeah.

If you're not down with the Twitter, you can watch clips from the show over on Grimm's website.

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