NBC Scores Big Ratings For Olympic Coverage Of Gymnastics Finals Tuesday Night

From the ratings posted for last night's Olympics coverage, it sounds like NBC has as much cause to celebrate as the U.S. women's gymnastics and men's swim team do for their efforts at the Olympics. America was most definitely watching as gold medals were won for the U.S. by its talented athletes in more than one event (and sport) in London yesterday.

A gold medal night indeed! According to Entertainment Weekly, a whopping 38.7 million viewers tuned in Tuesday night to watch NBC's Olympics coverage, which included the female gymnastics team earning itself a deserved gold medal for their efforts on the mat (watch the encore presentation of the final online here (opens in new tab)). That's a 21.8 rating, and the best rating in any summer Olympics since 1996. Given some of the performances we saw by the talented athletes competing in London this summer, it's good to see people are tuning in to witness and celebrate their achievements.

NBC's primetime coverage last night also included the mens swimming relay, which saw Michael Phelps earn his record-setting 19th career Olympic medal. NBC put together a video that shows him winning all nineteen medals, going back to his races in Athens back in 2004 and then again in Beijing in 2008. You can watch that video here (opens in new tab)

Those who tuned in last night might want to check back in with NBC tonight. There's more swimming and gymnastics on the line-up. Check out the list of events set to be featured tonight on NBC here.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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