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Hold on to your Reality TV hats, NBC has come up with a unique new quasi-reality show featuring Celebrities and their famous friends. Yahoo News reported this morning that Celebrity Dinner Party is set to start taping and will air sometime in December.

Oh wait, I read the article again, and it isn’t a unique idea at all. "The concept is based on a format owned by Granada that has found success in 16 countries, including the United Kingdom, where the show has aired for four seasons since 2005." What was I thinking? I mean, really, have any of our reality shows been uniquely “American”? I may be wrong, but it seems like we’ve ripped off every good show we’ve ever had from some other country that had the idea first. And it isn’t just reality shows either! The Office is about as uniquely American as gyros. But, I guess that is America isn’t it? We take the best of everything from other countries and make it “better”.

Back to Celebrity Dinner Party… Sorry, I can get pretty riled up sometimes… The show will only have a five episode run, and the basic premise will be “a celebrity plays host to a dinner party for four of their famous friends. At night's end, the party will be judged for its presentation, food and entertainment value…At the conclusion of the run, the celebrity whose party receives the highest score wins $20,000 for the charity of his choice.”

The article also states that the project hinges on finding “a suitable cast.” Yeah, good luck with that. Let me make a few suggestions… No Omarosa. Well, that was only one suggestion but NBC, please don’t cast her! I won’t watch!

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