It’s hard to believe it has been ten years, but this September marks a decade since the world stood stunned before our television sets and watched a tragedy unfold in New York City. September 11th, 2011 is sure to be a day spent remembering, reflecting, and watching as that footage runs before our eyes again in a wide array of television specials marking the day.

At the Television Critics Association press conference today, National Geographic Channel announced its plans to honor the anniversary with a week-long series of specials. Primetime programming on the channel from August 28th through September 3rd will focus on covering the anniversary and a look back on the events of that day and the fallout in the years afterwards. Nothing really surprising, but Nat Geo will offer something a little more than rehashing and reviewing of old footage.

The week will be capped off with an hour-long exclusive interview with former President George W. Bush, who will talk about 9/11 candidly. Nat Geo says Bush did not ask to see any of the questions ahead of time and made no objections to any question or topic in the interview.

Whatever your feelings about the man himself, history will put him down as the President who faced one of the worst crises America has ever known. This rare opportunity to hear him talk about that day on camera is bound to be an interesting one no matter what your politics.

The interview will premiere on National Geographic Channel on Sunday, August 28th at 10pm.

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