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Mayim Bialik is back in a Blossom style hat in the latest spring commercial from Old Navy – and guess who else shows up? Why of course it’s Joey Lawrence, who delivers without missing a beat his classic line from the comedy where the two starred together. Woah!

The Old Navy spot features Mayim Bialik back on the screen with Joey Lawrence as the “Chief Floral Officer” in charge of bringing spring fashion to those hanging out in a lovely spring meadow, who are apparently not concerned about the odd remote control “bee bot” that is changing their clothes for them. While Bialik delivers the fashion, she nearly takes out one of the beekeepers who turns out to be – why it’s Joey! Who of course has nothing to say but the line that Blossom fans took to heart: “Woah!”

The two are both back on television in their respective comedy projects. Bialik is appearing on The Big Bang Theory when she’s not being supermom, and Lawrence is returning soon on the second season of Melissa & Joey.

Check out the Blossom reunion in the new Old Navy spot:

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