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All other streaming services beware! Netflix has become an absolute force to be reckoned with, with no end to its success in sight. After a string of absolutely impeccable series, the wildly popular streaming service has decided to double down on its efforts to produce original content on an international scale. This decision has taken them all over the world, and will soon take them to Germany for a series about supernatural occurrences.

It has just been announced that Netflix will undertake its first German production with a new series, titled Dark. An ensemble series set in a small German town, Dark will center upon the drama that occurs between four families in the wake of the sudden disappearances of two girls. Dark will utilize native born, up-and-coming German talent, and tell a story that the company hopes will affect audiences across numerous borders.

In a ten-episode narrative, the mysterious plot will slowly unravel to reveal a supernatural undercurrent that stems all the way back to events that occurred way back in 1986. Germany has a long history of dark, demented, and horrific stories going as far back as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari during the silent era, so we can likely expect Dark to have some truly disturbing elements.

The new series does not exactly come as a surprise. Although Netflix started as a simple DVD mailing service – a service which it continues to provide – the main draw of the film and TV giant has become the company's original programming. Between comedies like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Netflix's foray into the world of superheroes with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the company has seen more than enough success to warrant an increase in original content. In fact, as we already reported a few months ago, the streaming platform plans to double the number of original programs they produce within the next year.

When it comes to expanding the reach of original programming, Netflix has made concerted efforts towards going global. In addition to earnest attempts towards making the actual product a globally accessible service, Netflix has also increased its efforts to produce content in various parts of the world. While Dark will be the first German production for Netflix, the company has already produced series such as Narcos in South America in an effort to expand its reach, as well as its audience base. Continued success could easily see production aggressively move to new countries as time goes on.

There doesn’t seem to be very many obstacles on Netflix’s path to original content domination – and we have absolutely no problem with that. We will bring you any and all details related to Dark as they become available; the series will hit the streaming service sometime in 2017. Stay tuned for more.