Netflix Watch Instantly To Add Dawson's Creek, More Drop Dead Diva And Other TV Shows In May

Netflix has a number of upcoming TV shows set to join their Watch Instantly line-up. Based on this list, some of what's being added in the coming weeks are new seasons to currently available shows, but also coming soon are Dawson's Creek, Discovery's show The Will: Family Secrets Revealed, and British detective series Vera.

Those who've discovered a recent craving for Dawson's Creek thanks to James van der Beek's appearances in ABC's Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 will be happy to see that the third season of Dawson's Cree will be available on Netflix Watch Instantly later in May. Hopefully they'll be putting the first two seasons on there as well. And with the fourth season of Drop Dead Diva set to premiere in early June on Lifetime, it's especially convenient to see that Season 3 will be available streaming on Netflix in late May, just in time for us to get caught up.

Here's the full list of TV shows due to hit Netflix over the next month or so. To see what movies are coming, click here!

Avail 5/5The Will: Family Secrets Revealed – Season 1For some people, what happens to their body after they die is their last chance to make a memorable statement about their life, and a simple funeral or cremation just won't cut it. While people can do what they want to their body or belongings - as long as it's legal - a panel of experts on this Discovery show evaluate the likelihood if any of these wild wishes would actually hold up in a funeral home or, more importantly, a court of law.Avail 5/20Dawson’s Creek – Season 3James van der Beek, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, Joshua JacksonThis thought-provoking 90s nighttime soap from creator Kevin Williamson, about a group of close-knit teens, led by dreamer Dawson Leery, frankly portrays the issues of adolescence that obsess young adults as they navigate through high school and college -- including sex, sex and sex.Avail 5/26Punkin Chunkin’ – Season 2Medieval catapults and their modern variants fuel the Punkin' Chunkin' World Championships, a contest to launch a pumpkin as far as possible. Each year competitors head to Delaware in hopes of taking home the coveted title of world's furthest chunkAvail 5/29Drop Dead Diva – Season 3Karma catches up with superficial, stick-thin Deb Dobkins in this engaging Lifetime comedy series when she dies and returns to earth in the body of smart, plus-sized attorney Jane Bingum -- just the type Deb dismissed in her previous life.South Park – Season 15This crass animated series started as a potty-mouthed response to sitcoms that portrayed children as angelic figures, but evolved into one of television's most effective satires, joyfully skewering cultural trends, celebrities and political figures.Avail 6/1Flashpoint – Season 4Using cutting-edge psychological profiling methods in tandem with advanced weaponry, Sgt. Gregory Parker and his Strategic Response Unit tackle high-risk cases, including bomb scares, hostage situations, bank robbers, gangbangers, snipers and more.Vera – Series 1 - Season 1Based on Ann Cleeves's Vera Stanhope novels, this detective series focuses on the tireless Detective Chief Inspector Stanhope -- played by Brenda Blethyn -- as she solves a series of baffling homicides in scenic Northumberland County. Classic British TV - hard-drinking and fashion-challenged Vera uses her unconventional manner to her advantage.Avail 6/5The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Season 4Shailene Woodley, Molly RingwaldTackling thorny issues, this TV drama centers on Amy Juergens, whose unplanned pregnancy at age 15 transforms her life. But Amy continues to take her education seriously after the baby is born and pursues a turbulent romance with a classmate.

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