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The Newsroom Trailer: A New Look At The Weeks Ahead

Since the premiere episode of The Newsroom, I was reserving full judgment of the series until we got a look at what came next, and so far I think the second episode worked. Much like the series premiere, Episode 2 felt like a bit of a verbal tennis match, but that works for me. HBO released a video that looks ahead at the coming weeks. Check it out ahead!

If I had to pick a favorite anything from "News Night 2.0," it was probably just about every scene Alison Pill was in. It's worth mentioning that I came into the series already a fan of hers, but she really seems to have a knack for adding all the right hand gestures and facial expressions to Sorkin's dialogue. Her "put a ring on it" gesture was my favorite bit of pantomime, while I think my favorite line from her was when she said she was cheated on, "one time, literally right on top of me."

Meanwhile, I also enjoyed seeing Mackenzie and Will address their personal relationship. While it's evident that they have some major history, it seems like they're intent on not letting other people form the wrong opinions about the other. I think that's worth noting, not only because it shows just how messy things can get when two people mix business with personal, but it also demonstrates the idea that neither Will nor Mackenzie want the other judged by other people based on their personal relationship because, on the professional side, maybe they respect each other professionally too much to see that happen. That's just my take on it, from what we've seen so far.

It looks like there's a little bit of everything coming up in the weeks ahead…

Will's trying to date! And it looks like Don is looking to fix Jim up with Maggie's roommate Lisa, played by Kelen Coleman, who played Isabel (Pam's friend and Dwight's brief hook-up/girlfriend) in The Office. This apparently leads to another bickering session between Maggie and Jim, which leads to Neal exploding. (Last night, Neal always seemed to be nearby every time the sexual tension between Maggie and Jim flared up in the office). Speaking of romance, it seems Mackenzie has a boyfriend who will be introduced at some point.

The preview also offered a look at some of the upcoming political discussions being addressed, and more work-focused suspense and drama, including a shooting in Tucson!

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The Newsroom airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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