When exactly did Andy become Michael Scott? Tonight's episode might be the starting point of that, though it seems like we can trace his path toward Scott-ness further back than that. Regardless, judging by the promo for this evening's episode, it looks like he might be about to make a very Michael-ish move. The promo also gives us a quick glimpse of Parks and Recreation and Community.

Love is in the air on NBC tonight! Actually, for Community, it's Halloween in the air, but the beloved series is a few months behind. On the bright side, Halloween episodes of Community do tend to be brilliant. One of my favorite episodes of the series is the zombie outbreak with all of the Abba. So we'll have to wait and see what tonight's installment brings. Meanwhile, from the promo below, it looks like Ben and Leslie might consider getting married sooner than expected.

Think Ben's about to suggest he and Leslie elope? And it looks like Abed's getting taller in Community!

As for The Office, it appears that Andy knows about Erin and Pete and he's handling it maturely… by firing him. Riddit-dit-tadoo! Seems like something Michael would try to do, no? Whether or not he actually does fire Pete remains to be seen, but there's clearly some drama on the way for them.

And notice there's no 1600 Penn snippet in the promo. The series isn't airing tonight because The Office is an hour. As much as I'm happy for an extra 30 minutes of The Office, I'm really trying to get into 1600 Penn, but it seems like NBC keeps not airing it. Hopefully we'll see it back on the air soon enough.

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