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David Brent is back! Again! Ricky Gervais' beloved Office character is now offering guitar lessons to his fans. The video above popped up on Ricky Gervais' YouTube channel. Like Michael Scott, Brent is actually musically talented. But also like Michael Scott, he often doesn't know what he's talking about. What Brent lacks in actual wisdom, he makes up for in unintentional humor, and that's always what's worked so well for Gervais' character.

This isn't the first time David Brent's resurfaced this year. Gervais brought the character back a couple of months ago for Comic Relief. The 10-minute video caught us up on the character, since his departure from Wernham Hogg Paper Company. The character has been peddling cleaning supplies and trying to fund some guys music career, offering bad advice and getting in the way of his client's progress in the process. Making online music lesson videos seems like the natural next step for the character. And it looks like there's more of that to come. The "Ooh La La" video promises another video to come on Monday, June 17. So we have that to look forward to. Be sure to subscribe to Gervais' YouTube Channel to keep up to date on David Brent's videos.

Does anyone else still have the chorus to "Ooh La La" running through their heads?

Maybe it's just me. We'll leave you with this nugget of wisdom to chew on: "Dreams. Dreams are real, aren't they? Dreams are realer than reality, in a way. Because reality changes. Dreams do as well, but…"

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