Office romances can be tricky, and there were no shortages of those on The Office. So when it came time for us to analyze our favorite Office romantic relationships, we decided to narrow it down to three factors. Humor, likability and longevity. Were they funny as a couple? Did the relationship lead to some of the more amusing moments in the series? Were they likable? Because funny is important, but we want to like them together too. And finally, were they meant to be?

With some help from some of the staff here at TV Blend, I went through as many Office couplings as I could think of and we did our own little performance evaluation on them. We ranked them on a one-to-five scale in the three mentioned categories. Here are the top five Office couples.

5. Darryl and Kelly
Humor: 4.6
Likability: 4.4
Longevity: 1.6
Total Score Average: 3.53
"It's like she only wants to hook up when Ryan comes around. It's getting to the point where I get excited every time I see that little dude walk through the door." - Darryl Philbin

Darryl and Kelly didn't have what it took to last, but what they lacked in longevity, they made up for in humorous moments and bizarre compatibility. Ok, so a lot of their relationship might have been based on Kelly's determination to make Ryan jealous, but Darryl never seemed to mind. What's more, he knew how to get her to access her "un-crazy side" in a way Ryan never could. The couple didn't last long, but somehow they managed to part relatively amicably. And really, if the whole point of their relationship (from Kelly's perspective anyway) was to get Ryan back, it worked, so the romance was successful in the end. Kind of.

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