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The opening scene to last night’s episode of The Office proved the series still has plenty of great laugh-out-loud moments to offer. Not only did it open the episode with more than one great joke, but it also felt like a throw-back to past seasons.

A little set-up before we get to the video. Some of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton people are down in Tallahassee for some kind of corporate thing, which means they’re all staying at the same hotel. While Dwight got up extra early, taking it on himself to give everyone their own personal wake-up girl, someone was ready for him...

It’s all in the details here. Like the fact that Erin fell asleep reading the mattress tag, and it looks like Stanley slept with a room service tray in his bed. Meanwhile, Jim, who’s still on newborn-baby-sleep time, not only took the time to prepare for Dwight’s arrival, but he had the foresight to know that Dwight would be coming into the room.

How did Dwight get everyone’s hotel room key?

Dwight vacuuming his own room.

Dwight’s pre-tied ties.

What exactly was he stuffing into that safe?

“Stanley, wake up! It’s Pretzel Day!” (Season 3: Stanley likes Pretzel day.)

Ryan’s reaction to Erin waking him up... “Come on in, the water’s fine...Oh! Not cool!”

Everything Jim did to his room, from the TV screen showing snow, to the tied-up sheet rope leading outside, to "Dwight did it" and the ultimate clue... “Lawanda at The Alcohol Club”

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