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Official Trailer For Starz's Power Offers Drugs, Parties And A Battle Of Wills

Starz doesn’t roll out a ton of new programming each year; so, when a new series is on the way, the subscription cable network goes all out when it comes to advertising. For the network’s upcoming series Power, we’ve already seen champagne popping and glimpses of club life, but now the network has put together an official trailer for the urban crime drama.

We’ve known for a while that Power will focus on a notorious drug runner named James “Ghost” St. Patrick. St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) recently fulfilled his life-long dream of opening a brand new nightlife hot spot, and a lot of the new trailer is made up of artsy shots of people dancing, drinking and hanging out in the glitzy new club. St. Patrick’s a man who seems to be living two existences. On one front, he’s a community contributor and nightclub owner. On the other front, his hands are dirty from running drugs and inciting violence in order to keep his shady dealings in order. If the new preview is to be believed, the crime drama will differentiate itself from many others of the same ilk by employing a protagonist that seems to be actively trying to get out. It’s unlikely he’ll ever get completely clean, of course, but the pursuit should be fun to watch.

Also of note, 50 Cent gets a bigger role in this version of the trailer. The prominent rapper will actually have a much bigger gig on the other side of the camera, executive producing Power. He’s using all of the acting skills he’s picked up since Get Rich and Die Tryin’ in the trailer, convincingly playing a con who tells St. Patrick what’s what. They actually seem to have some chemistry to their relationship. Hopefully, the show exploits that moving forward.

Once upon a time, the goal of every premium cable network was to attract the best movies. In theory, that would convince the maximum number of people to subscribe. Now, it’s all about original programming, and with Spartacus off the air for good, Starz could desperately use a hit. Maybe Power will be the effort that will create a ton of crossover buzz. Maybe it will be the network’s other upcoming drama Outlander. If all goes according to plan, it will be both.

Power is scheduled to premiere on June 7th, which is a Saturday, on Starz. The first season will run for eight episodes. Luckily, given the On Demand situation, if you subscribe to the channel, you’ll be able to set your own timetable.

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