Once Upon A Time Will Return To Storybrooke In Season 3

Anyone who caught Once Upon A Time’s finale went down a long and twisted rabbit’s hole of plotlines. Season 2’s ender, while satisfying, certainly introduced us to as many new plotlines as it tied up. Luckily, ABC has already confirmed Once Upon a Time will be back for a third season on the network, and recently series co-creator Adam Horowitz spoke out to explain a little bit about what fans can expect from the new season. If you aren’t caught up on OUAT or missed Season 2’s big May 12 ender, there are some spoilers below. Seriously, stop reading right now.

With most of the characters moving into the fairytale realms by the finale it seems pertinent to wonder whether Storybrooke, Maine will be a part of the new season, at all. After all, with Ruby (Meghan Ory) bowing out to take a lead role in CBS Intelligence series, the only well-known character still in Storybrooke is Belle (Emilie de Ravin). Fans who enjoy the juxtaposition of our world with the fairytale world should not fear, however. Horowitz recently told TV Line that the show will continue popping into Storybrooke.

“Some people got on a ship, some stayed behind, and what happened to those who stayed behind is just as important as what’s happening to those on the ship.”

That man is skilled at giving out teasers that don’t really reveal too much. While we can’t wait to see how Once Upon A Time unfolds on Sunday nights next year, don’t forget about the OUAT spinoff, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland that will begin airing on the network next season, as well. We’ve got a long summer to get through before new episodes are available, but hopefully Season 3 will be worth the wait.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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