It’s the time of year when television wraps up shop and goes on extended winter hiatus. The CW’s freshman drama The Originals will follow suite. According to the latest preview for Episode 10, otherwise known as “The Casket Girls,” The Originals won’t pop back onto the schedule until mid-January. That’s some bad news for fans, but on the bright side, this past episode was fairly explosive, leaving us with plenty to think about.

So, Klaus is officially the top vampire in New Orleans, and he’s wasted no time reorganizing his new little empire. He’s kept Marcel surprisingly close, offering him more power than I would have expected. Maybe that’s to keep him from usurping, or maybe it’s the bonds of brotherhood popping up. More likely, it has something to do with Marcel stepping up after the attack at the bar ended in plenty of dead bodies and the closest thing I’ve seen Klaus come to a heart-to-heart conversation. Moving forward, Klaus has asked Marcel to jointly rule with him. I think they’ll make a pretty cute couple.

It seems as if the newfound alliance will be tested pretty quickly, however. In the preview for “The Casket Girls,” Klaus mentions to Marcel that “their secret weapon,” aka Davina, has escaped. The powerful witch has been feeling stifled through most of the first season, and after she found out Marcel and then Klaus has been lying to her about her status against the coven of witches, she seemed pretty prepared to escape. It looks as if the young witch will soon be ready to harness her powers and wreak a little havoc in New Orleans, as well.

Marcel might be old and Klaus might be an original vampire, but The Originals’ first season has spent a lot of time teasing Davina’s power and her experiments with harming vampires. She’s already learned a lesson in staking by pulling the knife out of Elijah’s chest, thus waking him, and since she’s a determined young creature, she’ll no doubt learn a few more tricks along the way. She blatantly says that she’s ready to kill them all, but even if she doesn’t manage, I anticipate she’ll be a problem moving forward.

Soon, the newly forged alliance between Marcel and Klaus will be tested, and we’ll just have to wait and see how well it holds up. The Originals has been picked up for a full season and will return to the schedule on Tuesday, January 14 at 8 p.m. ET. In the meantime, you can catch up on recent episodes over at the CW’s site.

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