Tomorrow is the day to give thanks and count our blessings. And on this Thanksgiving Eve, we’re taking a look at the small screen to consider all of the things we’re feeling grateful for. Whether it’s Saturday Night Live’s new “Weekend Update” anchor, The Good Wife and Scandal’s ongoing drama, the adaptation of Preacher that’s in the works, or any of the other items on our lists, we’re feeling the love and gratitude for the wonderful bounty TV’s offered us.

We broke our list down by the four contributing writers, so we’ll kick this off with Mack’s list:

Cecily Strong is already finding her groove on SNL’s “Weekend Update.”
We tend to remember the good Weekend Update anchors at their absolute best. We remember Chevy Chase and Norm Macdonald and all of the rest at the absolute peak of their Saturday Night Live greatness, churning out jokes and picking up laughs with a ruthless efficiency. The truth, however, is it often takes anchors months or even a year or so to carve out a persona that really connects with the audience and is able to stand on its own two feet.

Luckily for SNL fans, new co-Update anchor Cecily Strong has already started finding her groove. She’s got a great sense of timing in relation to when the audience will stop laughing long enough for her to speak, and the faces she makes after jokes add the right amount of emphasis without being obnoxious. In short, she’s already good, which means there’s a very real chance she will someday be great. I’ll drink to that.

Mack’s also thankful that…

  • We’re just months away from getting pressure-packed Olympic curling on NBC.

  • James Spader has somehow discovered arguably his greatest character ever. Also thankful for his firm and commanding voice.

  • The contestants on Top Chef are arguably the best ever this season.

  • The Amazing Race has U-Turns.

  • Rosa’s unstoppable anger on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  • Shark Tank has Mr. Wonderful’s frank advice.

  • The Game Of Thrones/ It’s Always Sunny writer crossover.

  • Bill Engvall had an extended run on Dancing with the Stars. He was so much fun to watch.

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