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Orphan Black Teaser Takes A Look At Cloning

Orphan Black has been gearing up to air on BBC America for a while now. The new science fiction-based program signed on Tatiana Maslany as a woman who takes on the identity of another woman who looks just like her, as well as Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, and Jordan Gavaris, getting production for the series underway in October. Now, BBC America has announced a release date of March 30 for the new series and has also put out the very first teaser trailer, which takes a look at Sarah and some cloned variations of her.

As the trailer shows, clones will be a predominant part of the series, and should fit pretty well into BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday lineup, which also boasts the sci fi program Doctor Who. In the trailer we get to see the many faces of Sarah, the aforementioned woman who takes on a new identity, only to unravel a cloning mystery that will have larger ramifications. The short teaser is thrilling and a little frightening, with many versions of the same clone asking questions, leaving us with the note, “When did I become us?”

Executive producer David Fortier recently spoke out about the project, stating he has been excited to create a project that touches on self-identity. If the strange mystery and thriller sound up your alley, you’ll be able to catch Orphan Black when it premieres on BBC America beginning on March 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden

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