Outlander Heats Up With Steamy Trailer For The Last Two Episodes To Air This Year

There's good news and bad news, Outlander fans. The bad news is, we have only two episodes remaining in the first half of the first season of Outlander. The good news is, things are about to get very interesting. Even those who haven't read the book have likely figured that out, based on the way last Saturday's episode left off. But if you're not caught up through "The Garrison Commander," read no further!

If there was any question as to just how sadistic Captain Jack Randall might really be, "The Garrison Commander" answered it, not only in showing us Black Jack's brutal punishment on Jamie, but also turning his brutality on Claire in the present day. It has to be very hard for Claire to look at that man, seeing such a strong resemblance to her husband Frank but none of the compassion.

And speaking of husbands, as the episode left off, Claire appears to be backed into a corner. While it was looking like she might finally be getting to Inverness and back to the stones, she's now faced with having to marry Jamie Fraser. It certainly would be a quick and somewhat simple way of solidifying her place in Scotland. So what does this mean? The preview above gives us a fair indication of the mounting tension between Jamie and Claire. With just two episodes left, and the next one titled "The Wedding," it's pretty obvious where this is all going. It looks like blood is exchanged in addition to vows, and we see Jamie telling Claire she's now a part of his family.

Things are about to heat up between Jamie and Claire. But if that trailer moved too fast for you during the steamy parts, here are some screen grabs...

jamie and claire

While the above gets up close and personal, this one shows us a look at the bedroom as Claire drops her gown...


And then we get a tease of some kissing...


The trailer ends with Jamie and Claire about to kiss when she cuts him off to ask him about his family.

While Jamie would have good cause to be a bit nervous -- he revealed at the end of last week's episode that he's a virgin -- it's Claire we seems to be stalling, and understandably so. She's kind of married already. To say that the situation is about to get seriously complicated in Claire's mind and heart would be an understatement.

Outlander airs Saturday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz. "The Wedding" is set to air September 20, and then the first half of Season 1 will wrap up with "Both Sides Now" On September 27. The second half of Season 1 will resume in 2015.

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