Outlander Photos Tease Claire Randall, Food, Beards And Beautiful Scenery


As an upcoming new series Outlander has the benefit of already having a devoted fan base locked in, with all of the loyal fans of Diana Gabaldon’s series of novels ready and waiting for Ronald D. Moore’s premium cable adaptation to debut. Exactly when it’ll debut is unclear just yet, as Starz has only said 2014, but it’s coming, and Starz isn’t keeping fans in the dark about its progress.

The more than 60,000 followers of the Outlander Facebook page were asked to describe lead character Claire Randall in “just ONE word” and in response, they created the image above, which shows us Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, set next to some of the adjectives fans would use to describe her. Among them, “spunky,” “devoted,” “resilient,” and “loyal.”

Outlander centers on Claire Randall, a World War II British combat nurse who’s on vacation in Scotland with her husband when she touches a boulder and finds herself whisked back through time to war torn Scotland in the 1700s. Her path soon crosses with the other lead character in this story, Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser, who’s played by Sam Heughan in Starz’s adaptation. Heughan was featured in a previously posted video acknowledging St. Andrews Day, which involved a quick lesson in how to say the word “Sassenach,” which is a term used by Scottish people to describe an English person.

In addition to language lessons, Starz has been sharing some great set photos on the Outlander Instagram feed, including this one:

And this one, which gives us a peek inside the kitchens at Castle Leoch. What do you suppose is for dinner?

And then there’s Starz’s official Outlander website, which now includes a number of character photos, including this one of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser…


And a number of other men with beards, including Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, played by Duncan Lacroix:


The site also has a couple of beautiful, scenic photos, one of which shows an old car and a couple on their way toward a beautiful stone castle. I couldn’t grab those but you can check them out on Outlander’s site. In the meantime, between those and some of the shots we’ve seen on Instagram, the setting for this series looks incredible…

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