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Holy cats, you guys: do we have a shotgun wedding on the horizon for NBC’s Parks and Recreation? Sure seems that way in the preview for tonight’s all-new episode, titled “New Beginnings.” (Boy, is that an understatement coming of the series’ 100th episode.) Either way we feel confident in saying that this is literally the most exciting shotgun wedding we’ve ever seen. Literally!

Ann Perkins, angel of best friendship and Chris Traeger, soon-to-be father of probably the best, most attractive baby Pawnee has ever seen, have decided on a whim to get married. While we don’t see the actual proposal of it all, we can only imagine the spur-of-the-moment decision was a momentous and beautiful one… set to the romantic backdrop of a gas station? In the hilarious clip above, Ann and Chris slowly begin to realize that their logical decision may not look as such to outsiders. Nor did they realize the insane amount of work that can go into the modern-day wedding in America. It’s not cheap! There are many invitations! And a lot — a lot a lot — of dance rehearsals. Hmm.

If Ann and Chris do end up getting hitched, though, we wouldn’t hate it: the couple has taken a less conventional route on their way to family-making and love-having, but it’s so perfectly Ann and Chris. No doubt the whole thing is going to set Leslie Knope’s brain on fire with ideas: after all, focusing on a wedding will soothe the pain we know she’s feeling since Ann and Chris told her they were moving to Michigan.

Speaking of Leslie Knope, the newly de-councilwomaned Knope will find herself back in the Parks and Rec office but it won’t be so easy. Per NBC, it seems that “upon returning to the Parks and Rec department, Leslie struggles to reintegrate herself into her old stomping grounds.” No doubt a hard pill for her to swallow, as she’s used to be the team player to end all team players. The rest of the crew’s become not only self-sufficient since her leave, but their jokes have gotten more insider-y. Of course the most burning question of all, though, is whether or not Leslie’s more Border Collie or Cocker Spaniel. Our hearts tend to agree with Knope, but our minds sway more towards April and Donn’a choice for her spirit dog with every passing moment. I guess that’s what makes Amy Poehler’s comedic acting on this show the award-winning. We’ll leave that one up to you to decide for yourself.

Parks and Recreation airs tonight (Thursday!) at 8:30PM on NBC.

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