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Parks And Recreation Watch: Season 6, Episode 4 - Gin It Up!

Parks And Rec keeps getting back in its stride with a great episode for Mr. Swanson and the fantastic return of Councilman Jamm.

Ron has had some moments this season, but he gets to be front and center this week with a story surrounding getting a Will now that he has a family to think about. Ron’s secret fortune is no surprise (the man loves his gold, gems and jewels), but seeing him butt heads with society is wonderfully played here. Just a couple weeks ago the show atrociously tried to play this same card as Ron tried to erase any trace of himself anywhere, but tonight the bit was funny and very grounded. There are more than a few instant classic Swanson lines throughout the episode and the writers perfectly used Ben in this scenario alongside Ron. Pitting Ben against the lawyer was a smart move as the lovable nerd and the manly rouge are never going to see eye to eye, overall a great storyline for Ron.

The bright spot of Leslie’s storyline wasn’t her and Donna reconciling over a twitter fiasco, but was instead the wonderful return of Councilman Jamm. Pulling no punches, the writers skewered the Republican idea of governing and a ton of the nonsense surrounding Benghazi. Jon Glaser as Jamm gets a ton of fantastic moments throughout the episode and all he is basically doing is saying the “honest” version of all the Republican nonsense that gets thrown around. I can’t imagine the show attracts a ton of conservative viewers, but between the lunacy of Ron’s behavior and the absurdity of Jamm’s media circus Parks & Rec had a lot of fun with the far right of our political spectrum.

Completely falling flat was Tom, April and his potential new love interest. The potential mate, Nadia, is wonderfully played and very likable, but the writers force Tom in this absurd British accent bit. As the story went along things got a little better for this story line, but it never really worked until the episode’s final scene. Nadia seems like she could be an interesting love interest for Tom, lets just hope they give him more to do than acting like a complete idiot in front of this girl.

Overall, a very solid episode of Parks and Rec tonight. Sure the Tom stuff was cringe worthy at times, but two of the show's best characters were on full display tonight with Ron and Jamm. I’m glad to see Glaser back and this recall plot line should allow for some more Jamm time, hopefully, as the season rolls on.

Some Random Ramblings:

-"Your heart and your butt."

-"That's...probably true."

-"I've had the same will since I was 8 years old."

-"The man who kills me will know."

-"You think she'd marry me."

-"Obviously accountants are a little more bad boy." Love Ben's nerd pride.

-DJ Roomba! Only good thing from this Tom story line.

-I like Typhoon.

-"I do not lie, therefore I do not joke."

-"I was right not to be threatened by you."

-"First joke ever. I don't care for it."

-"I will leave my kids fifty dollars each, for a cab ride home from the funeral and a nice steak dinner."