Every season, a few TV shows hit their stride, a few others crumble, even more get canceled and a couple will make miraculous comebacks. It’s the TV cycle of life. Sometimes good things end up sucking, sometimes shows are canceled during their prime. Nothing lasts forever. However, this TV season, we’ve noticed an unusually high number of TV shows that are continuing to eke it out way past their prime.

We’ve compiled a list of the current TV shows that we feel have jumped the track. They’ve been on the air for too long or maybe their characters have started to make nonsensical decisions. Perhaps the writing staff on the show has been cut due to budget restraints, or members of the creative team have left for other projects. Whatever the reason, these are the nine shows on TV that have officially gone off the rails. Let’s just be happy Dexter ended last spring, shall we?

Bones box
Bones, Fox
Bones is currently airing its 10th season on Fox. Although the show’s fans love its gross-out plotlines and quirky characters, it’s time to admit the writing on this show has been off the rails for several seasons now. I’d say it happened around the time Christopher Pelant started terrorizing the crew. Regardless, there have been a lot of awful, nonsense plotlines on the show over the past couple of years, including but not limited to Angela and Hodgins losing their money, an episode getting told from the perspective of a skull and Bones coming face-to-face with her dead mother. It’s time for Fox to break-up with Bones.

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