Although there has been one official shot and one not-so-official photo of Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor released, we haven’t had a really good look at her in full costume and make-up: until now. Lifetime has released the first good look at Lohan as the iconic actress, along with a shot of True Blood’s Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

A lot is being made of how much Lindsay Lohan resembles Elizabeth Taylor, and this new shot TV Line has reveals that although there’s a definite resemblance, she still looks like Lindsay. Then again, the same can be said of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, and she managed to pull an Oscar nomination for My Week With Marilyn. In the end, how well Lohan is received as Taylor will depend on what we see her do on-screen more than the actual resemblance.

Lifetime’s Liz & Dick is set to air in the fall, and the buzz around it has been huge for a TV movie – mostly due to the casting of tabloid queen Lindsay Lohan. Lohan has been clearly working on a come-back, and if Liz & Dick goes well, it could very well be just what she needs to make her way back into the good graces of producers. As for Grant Bowler, well he has a whole lot less to prove, but he’s still facing the challenge of playing a very famous actor himself.

Is Lindsay channeling Liz? Is her career back on track? These questions might have answers when Liz & Dick hits our screens.

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