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If you're looking really hard, you can occasionally find someone on The Walking Dead who reacts to a situation by smiling, but the show's dark and dismal storylines often leave the survivors in a more dour state of mind. Here's your chance to prove that you know these characters better than anyone by identifying why they're all so sad. Use each Walking Dead moment pictured to figure out just what was making each character shed tears in those scenes. Good luck!

Shamble on through the breach in the wall to see the answers.
walking dead
Why Is Michonne Crying?
She just emotionally slaughtered a bunch of walkers.
walking dead
Why Is Glenn Crying?
He just watched Noah get chomped to death.
walking dead
Why Is Andrea Crying?
Her sister just died.
walking dead
Why Is Rick Crying?
He just realized Lori died.
walking dead
Why Is Beth Crying?
She sees a child's shoe around some corpses.
walking dead
Why Is Abraham Crying?
He lost his shit over Eugene's lie.
walking dead
Why Is Carol Crying?
Rick just banished her from the group.
walking dead
Why Is The Governor Crying?
His daughter Penny is now dead for real.
walking dead
Why Is Maggie Crying?
It wasn't Glenn's zombie on the bus.
walking dead
Why Is Daryl Crying?
His brother Merle is now a walker.

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