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Reese Witherspoon's Modern Great Expectations Retelling Sold To The CW

Reese Witherspoon's production company is tackling Charles Dicken’s great coming-of-age novel, Great Expectations, and is putting a modern-day spin on the famous tale. The actress-turned-producer will executive produce Expectations, which has been bought by the CW.

If you know anything about Great Expectations, you’ll understand that Expectations will probably need to be loosely tied to the 1860 work. Dickens’ novel is a cold and somewhat sad book about an orphan who comes of age and falls in and out of love and fortune, even with some help along the way. According to Deadline, J. Mills Goodloe’s script for Expectations will follow a young girl moving from a small town to a big city, where she will suffer different levels of fortune before running into a benefactor. Yes, other than the switch from a male to female protagonist, Expectations does sound a little similar to the book, but I have a feeling the CW will ensure the project is more rainbows and butterflies than death and misfortune.

Witherspoon’s company, Pacific Standards, is on a role with selling projects. Just last week, Witherspoon and her partner Bruna Papandrea sold Wendy & Peter--a half-hour comedy bought by Fox that will follow a housemom named Wendy and a young genius named Peter. Like Wendy & Peter, the CW’s Expectations will be executive produced by Witherspoon, Papandrea, Meghan Lyvers, and Evelyn O’Neill, and will also extend Goodloe an executive producing credit. We’ll keep you posted if the project earns a pilot order.

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