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While we wait for the CW to give us a proper trailer for Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright's iZombie series, the photos and artwork are what we have to go by in terms of visuals for this series. That includes the above poster, which gives us a look at Rose McIver as Liv, the titular zombie of this story. Leaning over a table, surrounded by organs in jars, it looks like she's hanging out in her workplace, which is a coroner's office, because what better place to find brains? A zombie's gotta eat, after all.

BlackFilm.com shared the above poster, which is our latest look at the series, in promotional art form. Meanwhile, CW Seed shared a video that has Rose McIver talking about the upcoming drama, and offers a glimpse of this shot of Liv looking bewildered... on a beach?


Based on that body behind her, maybe there was some kind of fire? A fire that Liv presumably escaped because she's not burned, nor are her clothes. But she does appear to be waking up in/on one of those tarps.

Those are the latest updates on iZombie to follow the glimpses CW gave us following their upfront presentation last May. iZombie is based on a DC comic series and centers on a med-student named Liv (Rose McIver) who ends up being turned into a zombie. She takes a job at the coroner's office in order to maintain a steady diet of brains. But when she finds herself inheriting the brains' memories, she eventually poses as a psychic and teams up with a police detective to help him solve murders. Because that's just what you do when you're a good person who's also a zombie with access to murder victims' memories...

And sometimes you dance...


We're eager to see a trailer for iZombie but since the series isn't slated to debut until Midseason 2015, we might have a while to wait for that. In the meantime, on deck for the Fall are Jane the Virgin and the anticipated Arrow spinoff The Flash.

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